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Here’s my unavoidable situation…

Because some people’s feelings are going
to be hurt, and others may end up just
being downright mad at me.

But there’s honestly nothing I can do
about it.

I can only hope that people will
eventually find it in their hearts to
forgive me.

This free funnel and method you are able
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George basically ripped the curtain back
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I fully expected a great response, but
never anticipated that it would be THIS
big. And because of this, many will be
upset (possibly you).

Here’s why. Picture this in your head for
a moment. You’re 5 years old again. Your
father tells you to come over and sit on
his knee.

He says he has something special to share
with you. He proceeds to tell you that
you’ve been very good lately, and he wants
to reward you.

He then reveals to you that in only 4 days
from now, he’s taking you to DISNEYLAND!

For the next 3 nights, you can’t sleep a
wink. You toss and turn. You just can’t
get it out of your mind.

For the next 3 full days, you can’t think
about anything but finally getting to meet
the real Mickey Mouse.

Then, after 3 unbelievably agonizing days,
the WAIT IS FINALLY OVER! You pile your
stuff into the car.

You’ve got your favourite blanket, your
pillow, and you’ve even got a little
disposable camera that your grandma gave
you, so you can take plenty of photos of
Mickey, Minnie, and even Goofy.

After a very long drive (that seemed more
like 8 days) you finally arrive at Disney

But as the car is getting closer and
closer to the gigantic Mickey ears that
surround the entrance to the park, you
notice a big red sign. You are unable to
read the sign, but your father can.

“We’re sorry, the park is closed today for

Your father pulls the car over and is
completely STUNNED. You ask him what’s
wrong, and for a moment he sits in
silence… a couple of minutes go by, and
then he has to tell you.

He knows how disappointed you will be and
how much you will cry. But he has no
choice and must tell you.

So he does. And now I must tell YOU
something, even though I know it will
probably upset you.

I wonder how upset are you going to be
with me when you realize.

“George, Super Funnel Is Closed To YOU”
As I can imagine, you will be very
disappointed. You’ll feel like you missed
out forever on something that you really
wanted to be a part of.


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I don’t want you to be upset with me. I
don’t want you to load up our page and
read those dreadful words that the
opportunity to George super funnel for
free is gone, and you can never have it.

I don’t want that for you. BUT… The odds
are such that it most likely WILL happen
to you,

That means hundreds of people will end up
coming to the website and seeing that they
are too late.

They’re going to feel like Disney World is
closed for the day. It will be a bad
feeling. I honestly feel bad about that–I
wish everyone could get a chance to claim

I know personally how easy and fast it is
to start seeing success with this super

It’s unreal.

I’ve never seen anything like it before.


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I warned you.

Appreciate your understanding.

See you there on the winning team,

All the best,

Jamie Bosley

P.S. You have likely never seen this
method talked about before, and after this
is taken down, you may never see it again.



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