And welcome to my post Outsourcing
Projects in Internet Marketing. So,
you have this great idea that you
know would revolutionize online
commerce. It’s been playing in your
mind for a good number of days now,
and you’ve been dreaming about it,
as well as the many rewards it
could promise, each and every
night. But there seems to be some
problems. First, you don’t have the
skills to personally facilitate its
creation. Second, you don’t have
the time to invest on its
preparation. What are you supposed
to do?

Outsourcing projects designed to
meet some internet marketing needs
has been growing in popularity by
the day. More and more online
businessmen are realizing the fact
that they could come up with more
products and more offers if they
would just source out the creation
of the concepts they have in mind.
I, for example, would like to
launch 5 eBooks this month. I could
probably write one in 3 weeks time.
But what about the 4 other eBooks I
want to publish? How can I meet my
goal to have them ready by the end
of the month? Simple. I’ll just
find a ghostwriter or two to come
up with some eBooks for me. Two or
three heads are better than one,
and two or three pairs of hands are
surely better than a single pair.

But where do you find these
freelances for outsourcing
projects? Well, great places to
start are www.rentacoder.com ,
www.guru.com , and www.elance.com .
Whether you need a programmer, a
writer, a copywriter, a
proofreader, a translator, a
graphic artist, a web designer and
the likes, these freelance websites
are sure to offer some of the best
talents in the World Wide Web. All
you have to do is to post your
project and they will bid for it.
Yes, that’s right – they’re the
ones who will make the bids. Your
duty will be confined to choosing
the most qualified freelancer among
them who will be charging you the
most reasonable rates possible.

Bear in mind, however, that when it
comes to outsourcing projects
through these websites, some
precautions are in order. First,
make sure that your specifications                                                                                                                                       
are clear. A little ambiguity can
greatly affect the deliverable.
Second, make sure that you’ll
maintain good communications with
the freelancer you will choose.
This is to facilitate a better
exchange of ideas, as well as
convey clarifications to some of
the questions he might have in his
mind. Third, you must learn how to
protect your interests. Make sure
that you will have full rights to
deliverables once the deal is
concluded. Make sure that the
deliverables do not violate any
intellectual property laws. And
make sure that the freelancer would
commit to indemnify you for any
adverse consequences that would
result from the final product he
has delivered.

I think that just about covers the
Basics of the subject. Thanks
for taking the time I read my post
I hope you will find some use in
it. Hope to see you again soon for
All the best,

Jamie Bosley


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