Hi everybody I’m Jamie Bosley and i
am an aspiring affiliate marketer.
Here’s a little about me, I left
school at a very young age in fact
I was only 13 years old when I left
with no exam results or anything.

You see I really hated the place
and just could not wait to get out
in the world to work so I managed to
get myself a little gig at a motor
go-kart track near where I lived.
Obviously I could not be paid a
wage at that age but we came to
agreement whereby I gave them the
help they needed and they gave me
free rides on the karts anytime i
wanted which suited everyone.

I gained very good mechanical
knowledge here for the next 2 and
half years at which point they
closed down permanently. At this
point i was almost legally old
enough to get a real job so my
brother-in-law who was a builder
arranged for me to start work with
a painter and decorator named Tony.

He paid me small wage but most
importantly he showed me everything
he knew about the painting game
which was to stand me very well for
the next 15 or so years until i
was run over by car. Very nearly
tearing my left foot off in the
process and was the end of my
painting life and all I had ever
really known.

Because I can no
longer climb ladders or spend all
day on my feet. During my recovery
i met the most fantastic lady who
went on to become my lovely wife
Danielle and we now have 4
wonderful kids my oldest the boy
who is 10 now and my three lovely
girls who are 8,7 and 5 now and so
came the need for money. Which is
when I first started to try and
make money online about a year or
so ago now.

During this time I have
tried many courses and
programs training’s all promising
make anybody fantastic amounts of
money pretty much overnight which
as you can imagine never really
happens you just end up spending
more and more money you haven’t
really got to buy the next shiny
object that promises it all and
delivers more of the same nothing
but more money down the drain and

It was at this point
that I was ready to just chuck in
the towel and give up on all of it
then I started to hear about a guy
called John Thornhill who had been
an online marketer for a good number
of years and made a lot of money
from it who ran a course where he
takes on students and gives them
every single thing you could
possibly need to make it online
your self. At first, I thought oh
here we go another person to take
more money promise the earth and
return nothing at all but I took my
time and done my homework this

The course was a little more
costlier than anything else I had
tried but the more I learned about
John and he’s course the more there
just seemed something very
different about this one and began
to get the feeling it could really
be the one that finally worked. So
i plucked up the money somehow and
decided to give it one last go and
boy was it the right choice to
make. I am now learning more than
ever and it all just seems to make
sense finally I am on my way to
online success and it’s all thanks
to John and he’s Partner to success
program so if you to are struggling
online I urge you to look up the
John Thornhill Partner to success
program and I’ll guarantee you will
love it and you to will finally get
the success online we deserve.
Thanks for taking the time to read
my story and I only hope it helps
you in some way thanks again and
until next time goodbye.

by Jamie Bosley